911 Pizza

how to use 911 pizza?

Order through voice recognition now and help will get in your way as soon as possible.
When you hit the [order now] button, messages will send 911 directly

Pepperoni 🍕
‘secret code’ What does it mean?

"pepperoni" means the abusers have guns.
check and let us know people have the weapon, if they have it, please say pepperoni. If they do not have any guns, say no pepperoni.

Pizza 🍕
‘secret code’ What does it mean?

A "pizza" means there is abuser. If there are two and several abusers, please let us know your address carefully,
and say two, or several pizzas.

Keep your hair on 🍕
I am in emergency. what do i have to do?

Recognize the problem, Monitor check-in responses and give specific instructions to different areas.
Provide updates on the situation and maintain contact.

Just pretend to order pizza 🍕
don't worry, we recognized it's an emergency via 911 pizza

911 Pizza app is only for your emergency happens.
please let us know where are you now and say I want to order pizza. explain pepperonis and pizzas. we will approach there soon.

We want you to be safe. Do not hesitate to call 911 it's an emergency